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What is the Coin Value Application (CVA)?

The Coin Value Application assists users in estimating the Fair Market Value (FMV) of their coin. These estimated values have been formulated using averages from many sources. The values are calculated to estimate a price that is between an average dealer's asking price (retail) and their purchasing price (wholesale). The variance for grade certification is averaged into the FMV calculations.

The application allows the user to specify a coins Denomination and Series and then it generates FMV estimates by year, mint, designation, variety for common grades. Additional filtering and sorting options are available to modify the coins displayed and their order. These options are useful to determine key coin dates and conditions for the selected series.

Research links are available on each coin year and mint. These links allow the user to quickly view coin values from many other auction and guide sources. Current values for precious metals and the coins metal value is calculated and displayed as well. If the user is tracking their coin collection through the MintState Collection application, a link to add coins with the FMV price and other information is also available.

Please view the YouTube video below for a short tutorial explaining each of these features. (Remember to Subscribe and Notify as this will let you know when feature and application updates have occurred!)

This application is a FREE web based application for all users (no registration required). It has been specifically designed to work on all desktop, tablet and mobile screen resolutions.

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Video Tutorial - Coin Value Application
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Best Value Scope

Cent - 100 sq tubes

Dollar - 50 sq tubes

Quarter - 50 sq tubes

Half Dol - 50 sq tubes

Dime - 50 sq tubes

Nickel - 50 sq tubes

100 2x2 Clear flips

500 2x2 paper flips

100 2x2 pocket pages

10 2x2 storage boxes

12 pairs gloves