Learn to use Stack Tracker Application

What is the Stack Tracker Application (STA)?

The Stack Tracker application allows the user to track precious metals inventory for platinum, gold, silver and copper with real time metals pricing. Categories for each metal include coins, rounds, bars and others.

This is perfect for coin collectors to record their seconds and junk coins they hold -or- or for precious metal investors that are silver and gold stackers!

Stack Tracker allows images to be stored and records each purchase with it's date, source, metal composition percentage, weight, quantity and any notes. The reporting breaks down and totals your metal inventory by metal, type and for the total in your inventory. (You can also optionally just update coin, rounds and bar counts, if the the costs and profits from purchase are not needed for your use.

Please view the YouTube video below for a short tutorial explaining each of these features. (Remember to Subscribe and Notify as this will let you know when feature and application updates have occurred!)

This application is a FREE web based application for all users (with free registration). It has been specifically designed to work on all desktop, tablet and mobile screen resolutions.

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Video Tutorial - Stack Tracker Application
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