Sneak Peek of Coin Grader Application

What is the Coin Grader Application (CGA)?

The Coin Grader Application is being developed to allow you to determine the estimated grade of your coins. Building upon the MintState Coin Identifier application process, the Coin Grading application uses a second level specially engineered alignment processes and templates based on the coin's series, type, year and mint.

MintState's proprietary artificial intelligence systems then processes multi-layered analysis results on both the obverse and reverse images of the coin. These results, combined with series based logic algorithms, output a histogram of probabilities that your coin is of a particular grade.

Thousands of hours have already been donated by MintState and key industry experts. These hours have been used for data collection, image preparation, process research, core programming and artificial intelligence training. The current results on the Morgan Dollar series is an average accuracy ratings near 40% for exact grade matching on certified samples.

Many more hours are still required to produce the commercial ready version of the Coin Grading application. The initial version will grade only the Morgan Dollar coin series, but additional series (in order of their collecting popularity) will see a later release.

Since the AI grading system is based on coin images where amateur photographers upload their coin images with varying resolution, camera angles, degrees of focus and lighting conditions, there will always be accuracy limitations compared to professional "in-hand" grading services. That said, our goal is a close estimation of the raw coin grade to assist users in determining estimated value and/or the need for certification.

MintState wants to thank all the programmers, coin experts and beta testers who have donated their time and expertise towards the development of this application. Our combined efforts will be available for the Free use in the coin community when completed. Thank you!

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