Learn to use Coin Collection Application

What is the Coin Collection Application (CCA)?

The Coin Collection Application allows you to upload and organize your personal coin collection. You can now view and update your collection anytime and anywhere from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. There is nothing to download or install; You simply need an internet connection and a Free registration account at MintState.

Features of the application include the ability to store images of your coins along with the year, mint, type, variety, grade, certification, cost and value. The coin records can be displayed in table or slideshow format, and the collection report can be exported to PDF and Excel.

Please view the YouTube video below for a short tutorial explaining each of these features. (Remember to Subscribe and Notify as this will let you know when feature and application updates have occurred!)

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Video Tutorial - Coin Collection Application
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Best Value Scope

Cent - 100 sq tubes

Dollar - 50 sq tubes

Quarter - 50 sq tubes

Half Dol - 50 sq tubes

Dime - 50 sq tubes

Nickel - 50 sq tubes

100 2x2 Clear flips

500 2x2 paper flips

100 2x2 pocket pages

10 2x2 storage boxes

12 pairs gloves