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Our site is dedicated to providing Free web applications for the coin collecting community using the latest mobile and artificial intelligence technologies. Selected guides, articles & videos by industry experts are also available.

Coin Value Application

Select your coin options and lookup its estimated Fair Market Value by year, mint, variety and grade. Display Key dates and condition lists for coins to be on the lookout for.
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Coin Collection Application

Upload and organize your collection images and other information you want to store. View your collection anytime and anywhere from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
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Stack Tracker Application

Track the value of your Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper bullion with real time spot pricing. Know when and how much you paid, it's value & profits, holdings report, upload images and more...
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Coin Identifier Application

Snap a photo of the coin's front and back to upload into an artificial intelligence coin type identifier. Once the coin is identified, additional information is optionally provided.
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Coin Grader Application

Follow a few simple steps and receive your coin's estimated grade based on our artificial intelligence technologies.

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Articles, Guides & Videos

MintState has searchable selected website articles, guides and videos from industry experts that we feel provides the best information available.

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Coin Value
Coin Collection
Stack Tracker
AI Coin Identifier
AI Coin Sampler (Testing)
AI Coin Grader (Development)
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Best Value Scope

Cent - 100 sq tubes

Dollar - 50 sq tubes

Quarter - 50 sq tubes

Half Dol - 50 sq tubes

Dime - 50 sq tubes

Nickel - 50 sq tubes

100 2x2 Clear flips

500 2x2 paper flips

100 2x2 pocket pages

10 2x2 storage boxes

12 pairs gloves