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Coin Collector Basics - Key Dates & Conditions

Peace Dollars - Key Dates, Mints & Conditions

What are Key Dates and Mints for a coin Series?

The key dates and mints refers to coins that a harder to find than other dates(actually, combinations of dates and mints) for a coin series. MintState ranks a key date for a coin at the grade levels from Poor (01) to Almost Good(03) as based on our estimated FMV pricing data.

Top Key Date/Mint w/Varieties
RankYearMintDsgnVarietyFMV AG03

All common varieties have been included. (Some series may not have listed varieties.)

What are Key Conditions for a coin series?

The key condition refers to dates and mints of coins that may be common (easy to find) in their lower grade conditions, but in higher grades they are rarer (harder to find) compared to other dates of the same condition. MintState ranks key conditions at the grade levels from MS60 to MS67 based on the coin series on our estimated FMV pricing data.

Top Key Condition w/Varieties
RankYearMintDsgnVarietyFMV MS65

All common varieties have been included. (Some series may not have listed varieties.)

Is this information available for other coin series?

The key dates and conditions listings where generated using the MintState Coin Value Application. This application is a FREE web based application for all users (no registration required). It has been specifically designed to work on all desktop, tablet and mobile screen resolutions.

Below is the general information for the Coin Value Application.

The Coin Value Application assists users in estimating the Fair Market Value (FMV) of their coin. These estimated values have been formulated using averages from many sources. The values are calculated to estimate a price that is between an average dealer's asking price (retail) and their purchasing price (wholesale). The variance for grade certification is averaged into the FMV calculations.

The application allows the user to specify a coins Denomination and Series and then it generates FMV estimates by year, mint, designation, variety for common grades. Additional filtering and sorting options are available to modify the coins displayed and their order. These options are useful to determine key coin dates and conditions for the selected series.


The pricing information displayed is based on estimated values compiled from many independent sources. All information from this site carries no warranty, expressed or implied, as to its accuracy, completeness or availability. Any reliance you place on this information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Using information obtained from this site is subject to the site's Terms of Use Agreement.

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